Karbi Anglong Introduces its Own Police for In-House Security

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Monday, November 13, 2023
Karbi Anglong Introduces its Own Police for In-House Security
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Diphu, Assam - 13 November, 2023: In a significant move aimed at addressing border encroachments and ensuring the security of its extensive territory, the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) has taken the initiative to establish its own police force. KAAC Chief Executive Member (CEM) Tuliram Ronghang presented a pivotal Bill during the ongoing Council session, signaling a proactive stance in dealing with multifaceted challenges.

The State Government has committed to providing essential support, including arms and comprehensive training, to equip the newly formed KAAC police force. CEM Tuliram Ronghang emphasized the pressing issues faced by the region, such as land encroachments, tax and revenue collection challenges, and rampant illegal mining of minerals. He stated, "Our area is big. We have border issues here, land encroachers, plus problems regarding tax and revenue collection, there is illegal mining of mines and minerals here, so to resolve all these problems, we have decided to raise Town and Village Police under the KAAC. I placed a Bill today. In the 247th session, we will pass the Bill. After receiving the Governor's nod, we will impart training and other needful to be done. We discussed verbally with the Assam government, and it has informed that the training would be given from their side. The Assam Government has verbally assured us regarding procurement of arms and ammunition as well as raising the Town and Village Police force under the KAAC."

The proposed Bill, anticipated to pass in the 247th session, awaits approval from the Governor. CEM Ronghang revealed discussions with the Assam government, highlighting their verbal assurance to provide training and procure arms and ammunition for the KAAC police force.

Functioning as the appointing authority, the KAAC will deploy these personnel to border areas, with the primary objectives of curbing infiltration and securing regions abundant in mines and minerals. The Council plans to recruit over 200 candidates in the inaugural batch, spanning roles from inspectors and sub-inspectors to constables.

The move aligns with the provisions of the Sixth Schedule status granted to the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council in 1952. Paragraph 3 of the Constitution of India empowers autonomous councils to establish their police force for towns and villages. Despite this constitutional provision, the execution of this authority has been dormant over the years.

KAAC sources express optimism about receiving full support from Dispur, reinforcing their commitment to effectively address regional challenges through the establishment of a dedicated police force. This strategic measure, as outlined by CEM Tuliram Ronghang, underscores the KAAC's proactive approach in safeguarding its borders and ensuring the well-being of its communities.