Assam Forest Department Seizes ₹4.5 Crore Worth of Rare Fish..

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Friday, December 22, 2023
Assam Forest Department Seizes ₹4.5 Crore Worth of Rare Fish..
Chief Minister Sarma Commends Forest Department's Vigilance in Protecting Unique Biodiversity
Guwahati, 22 December, 2023: In a significant victory against wildlife smuggling, the Assam Forest Department, under the leadership of Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, executed a successful anti-smuggling operation resulting in the confiscation of 500 Channa Barca fishes at Dibrugarh Airport.

These rare and exotic species of fish hold substantial value in the international market, with an estimated worth of ₹4.5 crore. The seizure marks one of the most significant incidents of exotic fish trafficking in recent times, shedding light on the rampant illegal trade threatening the region's biodiversity.

The operation, conducted by the Assam Forest Department, demonstrates the state's commitment to combating wildlife crime and preserving its unique fauna. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma praised the efforts of the department in thwarting the illegal trade of these rare fishes, emphasizing the importance of such operations in safeguarding the state's natural treasures.

Channa Barca fishes are known for their distinct features and are coveted in the exotic fish trade. Their trafficking not only poses a threat to the local ecosystem but also raises concerns about the conservation of these rare species.

The seized fishes will be carefully examined, and necessary steps will be taken to ensure their well-being and preservation. Additionally, authorities are intensifying efforts to identify and apprehend those involved in this illicit trade network.

The successful operation underscores the collaborative approach of the Assam Forest Department, law enforcement agencies, and the commitment of Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma to curbing wildlife trafficking. As investigations unfold, it is anticipated that this incident will serve as a deterrent to illegal wildlife trade activities in the region, emphasizing the need for stringent measures to protect endangered species and uphold environmental conservation efforts.