Big Robbery in Manipur! Armed Gang Takes Away Rs 18.85 Crore from Bank

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Friday, December 01, 2023
Big Robbery in Manipur! Armed Gang Takes Away Rs 18.85 Crore from Bank
Unidentified Armed Gang Loots Rs 18.85 Crore from Punjab National Bank in Manipur's Ukhrul District
Ukhrul, Manipur - 1 December, 2023: In a daring heist, a group of at least 10 unidentified armed men targeted the Punjab National Bank (PNB) in Manipur's Ukhrul district, making off with a staggering Rs 18.85 crore on Thursday evening. This incident marks the third bank robbery since the eruption of ethnic clashes on May 3 in Manipur.

According to local authorities, the criminals struck after regular banking hours when the bank manager and staff had completed their transaction and deposit activities for the day. Despite the main gate being shuttered, the manager and staff continued working inside, closing up shop for the day.

The armed assailants entered discreetly through an entrance typically used by bank staff, catching the manager and a security personnel near the Strong Room off guard. Overpowering them, the gang seized the opportunity to loot the substantial sum from the bank. CCTV footage revealed the perpetrators wielding an array of weapons, including AK rifles, and dressed in olive green, khaki uniforms, and tracksuits.

M Kumuni, the manager in charge of the bank, disclosed that eight personnel were on duty during the incident, but not all security staff were present at the time of the robbery. Police have registered a case in connection with the incident, and all bank staff and security personnel are currently undergoing questioning.

During the robbery, some of the armed attackers were captured on camera carrying large gunny bags, presumably containing the stolen cash. The assailants strategically locked the staff inside a backroom at the bank while others stood guard at the entrance. A senior police official provided details, stating that the robbery occurred after the completion of daily transactions, with the assailants storming the premises via a staff-only entrance.

Manipur Police have initiated a manhunt to apprehend the perpetrators, emphasizing the urgency of bringing those responsible to justice. The investigation is ongoing, with a focus on gathering information from the bank manager and staff to piece together the events leading up to the daring heist.