Ceasefire Shattered: Naga Nationalist Council Senior Leader Gaidin Chungpao Fatally Shot in Internal Clash

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Wednesday, December 13, 2023
Ceasefire Shattered: Naga Nationalist Council Senior Leader Gaidin Chungpao Fatally Shot in Internal Clash
Police Investigation Underway: Senior Officials Rush to Probe NNC Leader's Death
Cachar, Assam- 13 December, 23: In a tragic turn of events near the Assam-Manipur border on Tuesday, Gaidin Chungpao, a senior leader of the Naga Nationalist Council (NNC), was shot dead during an internal dispute within the outfit. The incident unfolded in the Jiringhat area of the Cachar district in Assam, where Chungpao had been residing with his relatives.

According to local authorities, the NNC, to which the deceased militant belonged, was under a ceasefire agreement with the government. The fatal encounter occurred outside the venue of a meeting where internal disagreements escalated into violence.

An unnamed police officer revealed, "They had some sort of a meeting, in which some dispute arose. The firing took place outside the venue of the meeting." The officer did not disclose specific details about the nature of the dispute or the circumstances leading to the shooting.

The slain leader's identity has been confirmed, but further information about the incident is being closely guarded. "We are investigating the matter. Senior police officials rushed to the spot after the incident," stated the officer, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

Notably, Gaidin Chungpao was a prominent figure within the NNC, serving as a senior leader. The loss of such a key figure raises concerns about the internal stability of the outfit and the potential impact on the ongoing ceasefire agreement.

In addition to Chungpao's tragic demise, another member of the NNC, Kahnlun Gai, sustained injuries during the gunfire. This incident has sparked heightened tensions within the Naga militant group and is likely to have wider implications on the region's security landscape.

As investigators delve into the details surrounding the internal dispute, the repercussions of this violent episode within the Naga Nationalist Council may unfold, affecting the delicate balance established through the ceasefire agreement with the government.