Manipur: Assam IPS Officer Anand Mishra Appointed Head of SIT Probing Manipur Violence

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Wednesday, December 13, 2023
Manipur: Assam IPS Officer Anand Mishra Appointed Head of SIT Probing Manipur Violence
From Lakhimpur to Manipur: Mishra's Transfer Reflects Supreme Court's Directive on Urgent Basis.
Lakhimpur, Assam- 13 December, 23: In a significant development, Anand Mishra, an IPS officer from the Assam cadre, has been appointed as the head of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) tasked with investigating cases of violence in the strife-torn state of Manipur. The transfer comes as a result of directives from the Supreme Court, indicating the gravity of the situation.

An experienced law enforcement professional, Mishra, currently serving as the Superintendent of Police for Assam's Lakhimpur district, is set to assume the crucial role of overseeing the investigations into the Manipur violence. The appointment reflects the authorities' commitment to addressing the complex challenges faced by the region.

Joining Mishra in the SIT is Randip Kumar Barua, a member of the Assam Police Service. Both officers are set to be immediately transferred to Manipur to commence their duties. The inclusion of Barua underscores the collaborative effort to ensure a comprehensive and thorough inquiry into the incidents of violence.

Anand Mishra has been a prominent figure within the Assam Police, having previously served as the Superintendent of Police in Nagaon. However, his tenure in Nagaon was not without controversy, marked by a firing incident that tragically involved the shooting of student leader Kirti Kamal Bora during an anti-drug operation. This incident led to Mishra's relocation in the aftermath, bringing attention to the challenges and complexities faced by law enforcement in the region.

As the newly appointed SIT incharge, Anand Mishra brings a wealth of experience to the task at hand. The Supreme Court's involvement in directing this appointment underscores the importance of a fair and impartial investigation into the cases of violence in Manipur. The collaborative efforts of officers like Mishra and Barua are expected to contribute to the pursuit of justice and resolution in a region grappling with ongoing challenges.