Manipur Police Ensures Uninterrupted Essential Supplies with Vigorous Naka Checking Operations

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Sunday, December 10, 2023
Manipur Police Ensures Uninterrupted Essential Supplies with Vigorous Naka Checking Operations
Stringent Actions Taken - 141 Nakas/Checkpoints Installed, 341 Persons Detained for Violations
Imphal, 9 December, 23- The Manipur Police, in a proactive move, has intensified the monitoring and regulation of essential items' transportation through extensive Naka checking operations. This strategic initiative aims to guarantee the seamless flow of vital goods, ensuring the well-being of the residents of Manipur.

On National Highway-37 (NH-37) and National Highway-2 (NH-2), a total of 147 and 265 vehicles, respectively, loaded with essential items, have been facilitated to traverse with efficiency and security. To fortify this process, the police have implemented stringent security measures in vulnerable areas, deploying security convoys along sensitive stretches to safeguard the smooth movement of vehicles.

The deployment of 141 Nakas/Checkpoints across diverse districts of Manipur, encompassing both hill and valley regions, signifies a meticulous effort by the police to enforce regulatory measures. This comprehensive strategy is designed to uphold compliance with safety protocols and to deter potential violations.

In the course of these operations, Manipur Police has detained 341 individuals across different districts of the state in connection with various violations. This resolute action underscores the commitment of law enforcement to maintain order and adherence to prescribed guidelines, contributing to the overall safety and security of Manipur.

Residents and stakeholders alike applaud these measures as they not only ensure the timely delivery of essential items but also create a deterrent against unauthorized activities. The police's proactive stance in addressing potential violations reaffirms their dedication to public safety and welfare in Manipur.

As the Naka checking operations continue, the Manipur Police remains steadfast in their commitment to upholding the rule of law and safeguarding the interests of the community. The strategic deployment of checkpoints and the detention of violators serve as a testament to the police force's dedication to creating a secure and regulated environment for the people of Manipur.