AAP State President Dr. Bhaben Chaudhury Injured in Protests Against CAA

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Tuesday, March 12, 2024
AAP State President Dr. Bhaben Chaudhury Injured in Protests Against CAA
Dr. Chaudhury Hospitalized After Sustaining Injuries During Anti-CAA Demonstrations
AAP State President Dr. Bhaben Chaudhury Injured in  Protests Against CAA

Guwahati, 12 March, 24: In a turn of events during democratic protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), On 11 March, The Union Home Ministry issues a notification imminently to enforce the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), informed sources revealed. The CAA, a legislation passed by Parliament in December 2019, introduces religion as a criterion for Indian citizenship, igniting  protests and political opposition. Dr. Bhaben Chaudhury, the state president of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), sustained serious injuries. Dr. Chaudhury was actively participating in protests opposing the controversial CAA when the incident occurred.

According to eyewitnesses and party officials, Dr. Chaudhury was injured during the demonstrations and was promptly assisted by fellow party workers. He was then rushed to the Gauhati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) for immediate medical attention.

The protests, which have been ongoing in various parts of the country, including the state where Dr. Chaudhury was injured, are part of a broader movement against the CAA. The Act, which was passed by the Indian Parliament in December 2019, aims to provide Indian citizenship to non-Muslim migrants from neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

The incident involving Dr. Chaudhury underscores the intensity and passion of those opposed to the CAA, who believe that the Act discriminates against Muslim migrants and goes against the secular fabric of the nation. The AAP, under Dr. Chaudhury's leadership, has been vocal in its opposition to the CAA and has actively participated in peaceful demonstrations to express dissent.

The party took to social media platforms to convey its stance, using hashtags such as #NoCAA and #WeOpposeCAA to mobilize support and raise awareness about the issue. Dr. Chaudhury's injury serves as a reminder of the risks and challenges faced by activists and political leaders who are at the forefront of such movements.

As Dr. Chaudhury receives medical treatment for his injuries, the AAP reaffirms its commitment to continue advocating for the rights of citizens and opposing what it perceives as discriminatory legislation. The incident has sparked discussions about the safety of protesters and the need for peaceful means of dissent in a democratic society.