Assam STF Nabs ISIS India Chief Haris Farooqi: Major Counterterrorism Success

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Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Assam STF Nabs ISIS India Chief Haris Farooqi: Major Counterterrorism Success
Transnational Threat: ISIS Operatives Enter India from Bangladesh Before Elections

Assam, 20/03/24: In a significant development in the fight against terrorism, the Assam Special Task Force (STF) has apprehended Haris Farooqi, the alleged chief of ISIS in India, along with several of his associates. The arrest marks a major success for the BJP government and law enforcement agencies, underscoring their relentless efforts to combat extremist threats in the country.

According to reports, Farooqi, who was wanted by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in connection with multiple cases, had been operating from Bangladesh before entering India. His presence in the country, particularly ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, raised concerns about potential security risks. However, thanks to the vigilant efforts of the Assam STF, Farooqi and his accomplices were swiftly apprehended upon their illegal entry into Assam's Dhubri district from Bangladesh.

Among those arrested alongside Farooqi is Rehan, also known as Anurag Singh after his conversion to Islam. Rehan's wife is identified as a Bangladeshi national, further highlighting the transnational nature of the extremist network.

The successful operation conducted by the Assam STF underscores the importance of robust counterterrorism measures and interagency cooperation in thwarting threats posed by terrorist organizations like ISIS. The arrest of Farooqi and his associates serves as a stern warning to those seeking to perpetrate violence and destabilize the country's security landscape.

The BJP government has hailed the operation as a significant achievement in its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the nation's citizens. With the apprehension of high-ranking ISIS operatives, authorities are now focused on further dismantling terrorist networks and preventing future threats to national security.

As investigations into the activities of Farooqi and his associates continue, the arrest sends a clear message that India remains resolute in its determination to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.