Meghalaya Congress President Alleges TMC-BJP Nexus, Rules Out Alliance

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Friday, March 22, 2024
Meghalaya Congress President Alleges TMC-BJP Nexus, Rules Out Alliance
Congress Leader Claims TMC's Role as "B-Team" of BJP
Shillong, 22 March, 24: Meghalaya Congress President Vincent H Pala has affirmed that his party's decision not to forge an alliance with the Trinamool Congress (TMC) in the state stems from concerns that Mukul Sangma, a prominent TMC leader, might pivot towards the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) post the Lok Sabha elections.

Sangma's departure, along with eleven Congress MLAs, to the TMC in 2022 swiftly positioned the latter as the principal opposition force in Meghalaya. However, despite this political upheaval, the TMC secured just five seats in the 2023 assembly polls.

Addressing reporters, Pala recounted efforts to woo Sangma back to the Congress fold, revealing, "Our team engaged with Dr. Mukul, extending invitations for his return to the Congress. Regrettably, indications suggest he is actively persuading Congress members to align with the BJP."

Pala firmly asserted Sangma's imminent BJP affiliation post the Lok Sabha polls, citing this as the primary rationale behind the Congress' reluctance to form an alliance with the TMC in Meghalaya. He emphasized thorough deliberation within the party before arriving at this decision, citing ongoing talks between TMC leaders and the BJP as a pivotal factor.

Highlighting the perceived alignment between the TMC in Meghalaya and the BJP, Pala criticized the TMC's operational role, alleging it functions as the "B-team" of the BJP.

Expressing confidence in Congress' prospects in the Garo Hills during the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Pala underscored the party's resolve to mount a robust challenge and revitalize its presence in Meghalaya.

Pala predicted a bleak performance for the TMC in Garo Hills, attributing this prognosis to significant defections of TMC workers, cadres, and leaders to the Congress in the region.

Notably, Pala has been nominated by the Congress from Shillong, while Saleng A Sangma represents the party in the Tura seat. Meanwhile, the TMC has fielded Mukul Sangma's brother, Zenith Sangma, in Tura.

Efforts to obtain comments from Mukul Sangma regarding Pala's assertions were unsuccessful, with other state TMC leaders declining to weigh in on the matter.