Massive Cash Hauls Seized Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls in Assam

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Thursday, April 11, 2024
Massive Cash Hauls Seized Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls in Assam
Rs 22.95 Lakh Seized in Karimganj, Rs 1.57 Lakh in Bongaigaon Amid Stringent Checks
As the state of Assam gears up for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, stringent measures are in place to ensure adherence to the election code of conduct. In a significant development, authorities have seized substantial amounts of cash from vehicles during routine checks conducted by the Flying Squad.

Karimganj District: A Bolero vehicle bearing registration number AS08A0614 was intercepted at the Naka point in Keotkuna, Karimganj, on April 10. After a thorough search, a staggering cash amount of Rs. 22,95,500 (Twenty-two lakh ninety-five thousand five hundred) was recovered from the vehicle. A person has been detained in connection with the incident.

Bongaigaon District: The Flying Squad in Bongaigaon district has intensified its vigilance over various routes to uphold the election code of conduct. During one of the routine checks, a vehicle bearing registration number AS 26AC 0747 was inspected. Inside, an individual identified as Ali was found in possession of Rs. 1,57,640 (One lakh fifty-seven thousand six hundred and forty) in cash, without the necessary valid documentation.

In accordance with the election guidelines, individuals carrying cash exceeding Rs. 50,000 are required to furnish proper documentation to justify the possession of such substantial amounts. Failure to provide valid justification results in the seizure of the cash by the authorities.

The seizures in Karimganj and Bongaigaon districts underscore the proactive approach adopted by the election authorities to maintain the integrity of the electoral process. The cash recovered has been secured in the respective district treasuries, pending further investigation and appropriate legal proceedings.

The stringent measures are aimed at curbing the potential misuse of cash for influencing voters or engaging in any unlawful activities that could undermine the free and fair conduct of the elections. Authorities have reiterated their commitment to ensuring a level playing field for all candidates and parties, while upholding the sanctity of the democratic process.

As the election fever grips the state, the Flying Squads and other enforcement agencies remain on high alert, conducting regular checks and seizures to maintain transparency and fairness throughout the polling process.