Smuggling Racket Smashed: 15kg Ivory Seized Near Assam Border

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Thursday, April 11, 2024
Smuggling Racket Smashed: 15kg Ivory Seized Near Assam Border
STF, Jonai Police Bust Smuggling Racket, Seize 15kg Haul; Key Suspect Still at Large
Smuggling Racket Smashed: 15kg Ivory Seized Near Assam Border

In a significant triumph against illegal wildlife trafficking, a joint operation by the Guwahati Special Task Force (STF) and Jonai Police has led to the seizure of two large ivory tusks near the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border. The operation, conducted on April 10th in the remote village of Kemi, represents a crucial stride in curbing the illicit trade of wildlife products in the region, particularly in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections.

The operation was triggered by intelligence inputs that alerted authorities to clandestine smuggling activities taking place in Jonai, a region known for its porous borders and challenging terrain. The authorities uncovered a network of forest robbers covertly involved in lucrative smuggling ventures, prompting a coordinated crackdown.

During the operation, law enforcement officials successfully intercepted and confiscated two ivory tusks, estimated to weigh a staggering 15 kilograms. The seized ivory, a highly prized commodity in the illegal wildlife trade, is believed to have originated from poaching activities in the region's forests.

Despite their best efforts, the primary suspect, identified as Dibas Pait, a resident of Kemi village in Assam, managed to evade arrest by exploiting the rugged terrain to his advantage. However, the authorities have initiated legal proceedings against the perpetrator and are determined to bring him to justice.

In addition to the ivory haul, the operation also resulted in the seizure of a motorcycle, suspected to have been used as a mode of transportation for the smuggling operation.

The joint operation between the Guwahati STF and Jonai Police underscores the ongoing commitment to combat illegal wildlife trafficking and protect the region's rich biodiversity. With the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the authorities are leaving no stone unturned to maintain law and order and prevent any illicit activities that could undermine the democratic process.

As the crackdown continues, the seizure of these ivory tusks serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for heightened vigilance and collaborative efforts to dismantle the intricate networks fueling the illegal wildlife trade.