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Assam Government Launches Apun Bahan Scheme 2024 to Provide Affordable Vehicle Loans

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Monday, May 20, 2024
Assam Government Launches Apun Bahan Scheme 2024 to Provide Affordable Vehicle Loans
Citizens Can Avail Loans for Vehicles with Low-Interest Rates and Subsidies
Guwahati, Assam - In a significant move to empower the citizens of Assam, the state government has launched the Apun Bahan Scheme 2024. This initiative offers residents substantial benefits, including low-interest loans for purchasing vehicles, aimed at improving mobility and financial inclusion across the state.

Apun Bahan Scheme Assam 2024: Key Highlights

The Apun Bahan Scheme is designed to make it easier for the people of Assam to secure loans from both private and government banks for purchasing vehicles. The scheme offers loans up to ₹15 lakhs with an interest subsidy of 2-3%, depending on the type of vehicle.

Eligibility Criteria:
- Applicants must be between 21 and 53 years old.
- The loan must be repaid within a maximum of 7 years.

Benefits of the Scheme:
- Male applicants can avail a 2% interest subsidy on loans for diesel and petrol vehicles.
- A 3% subsidy is available for electric vehicle purchases and for physically handicapped applicants.
- Loans can be up to 48 times the applicant's net worth, with a maximum limit of ₹15 lakhs.

How to Apply:

Currently, the official website for the Apun Bahan Scheme is under development. Once launched, applicants will be able to easily apply for loans through the portal. The Assam government is expected to provide further details soon, ensuring that residents can take full advantage of the scheme without hassle.


The Apun Bahan Scheme 2024 represents a proactive effort by the Assam government to enhance the economic well-being of its citizens by providing accessible and affordable vehicle loans. The initiative is poised to significantly benefit the local population by improving transportation options and supporting financial growth.

For further information and updates on the application process, stay tuned as we bring you the latest developments on the official launch and implementation of the scheme.