FIR Against PM Modi in Guwahati Over Mahatma Gandhi Remarks

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Thursday, May 30, 2024
FIR Against PM Modi in Guwahati Over Mahatma Gandhi Remarks
Controversial Statement Sparks Political Backlash
A complaint has been lodged in Guwahati against Prime Minister Narendra Modi over a controversial remark he made about Mahatma Gandhi. The complainant, Luit Kumar Barman, characterized Modi's statement as "derogatory."

During an interview on May 28, Prime Minister Modi asserted that Mahatma Gandhi was largely unknown to the world until the release of the 1982 film "Gandhi," which brought him international fame. Barman's FIR criticizes Modi's comments as disrespectful to Gandhi, whom Indians honor as the "father of the nation."

An official from Hatigaon police station confirmed the receipt of the complaint but clarified that it is a non-cognizable offense, meaning that no immediate legal action will be taken.

The Prime Minister's remarks have sparked significant political controversy. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi responded sharply, asserting that those influenced by RSS ideologies fail to recognize Gandhi's global significance. He compared Gandhi's impact to that of prominent global figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela.

The political fallout from Modi's comments continues to unfold, highlighting the deep reverence for Mahatma Gandhi in India and the sensitivity surrounding his legacy.