Most Wanted Criminal in Cachar District Shot Dead by Police

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Monday, May 27, 2024
Most Wanted Criminal in Cachar District Shot Dead by Police
Notorious Dacoit Afzal Hussain Barbhuiya Killed in Police Encounter in Hailakandi
Most Wanted Criminal in Cachar District Shot Dead by Police

Hailakandi, Assam - In the early hours of Monday, a police encounter in Hailakandi district resulted in the death of Afzal Hussain Barbhuiya, a notorious dacoit involved in numerous extortion cases in Assam’s Cachar district. The incident occurred near Kalibari Road, where Barbhuiya and his companion were attempting to flee from law enforcement.

Background and Encounter

An official from the Cachar Police stated that Barbhuiya had multiple complaints against him and was one of the most wanted criminals in the district. He had a long history of involvement in various extortion and dacoity cases. On Monday, during an attempted escape, Barbhuiya attacked the police and managed to snatch a service revolver. Despite multiple warnings, he tried to use the weapon against the officers, prompting them to open fire.

Fatal Outcome

Barbhuiya sustained a bullet wound near his throat and fell to the ground. His companion was apprehended by the police. Barbhuiya was rushed to Hailakandi Civil Hospital, but succumbed to his injuries during treatment.

Ongoing Investigation

The superintendent of police from Cachar, along with a team of officers, arrived at the scene to oversee the investigation. They confirmed that further inquiries are underway. An official noted that Barbhuiya was notorious for evading capture despite being implicated in numerous crimes in Cachar district.

Previous Incidents

Last week, a family was looted at gunpoint near the Assam-Meghalaya border, leading to the arrest of three suspected dacoits. Police believe Barbhuiya was involved in this case as well. He was known to hide in Hailakandi district following his criminal activities. 

Police Actions

Officials familiar with the matter stated that the police had been monitoring Barbhuiya's activities for several days. The arrest of his companion is expected to provide further insights into Barbhuiya's network and operations.

The local authorities remain vigilant and continue their efforts to dismantle criminal activities in the region, aiming to bring peace and security to the residents of Assam.