Sikkim Government Sets Fixed Taxi Fares for Gangtok-Nathula Route to Prevent Overcharging Check New Price

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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Sikkim Government Sets Fixed Taxi Fares for Gangtok-Nathula Route to Prevent Overcharging Check New Price
Enhancing Tourist Experience: Sikkim Introduces Fixed Taxi Fares Between Gangtok and Nathula
Gangtok, Sikkim — Overcharging tourists is a widespread issue in many travel destinations, but Sikkim is taking a stand. In response to numerous complaints about inflated taxi fares and permit fees, the Sikkim government has implemented measures to regulate the cost of taxi journeys between the state capital, Gangtok, and the popular Nathula Pass. This initiative aims to create a fair and welcoming environment for all visitors.

Effective immediately, the Sikkim government has fixed the round-trip taxi fares for both normal and luxury vehicles traveling between Gangtok and Nathula. According to an official order by C S Rao, Principal Secretary of the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, fares have been set at INR 6,500 for standard vehicles and INR 7,000 for luxury vehicles. These prices include the cost of required permits.

To ensure compliance with the new fare structure, several measures have been put in place. The government has made contact information available for tourists to report instances of overcharging. Checkpoints have also been established to monitor and enforce adherence to the prescribed fares.

Violators of the new fare regulations will face stringent penalties under various transportation laws, including the Central Motor Vehicle Act 1988, CMV Rules 1989, and Sikkim Motor Vehicles Rules 1991, as enforced by the Transport Department.

Tourists who experience overcharging can report incidents by contacting the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department at 9434182178. Additional contact numbers include 7908081127 and 9434126851.

This proactive approach by Sikkim’s authorities underscores their commitment to fostering a transparent and fair tourism environment. By ensuring that visitors are not overcharged, the government hopes to enhance the overall tourist experience and promote Sikkim as a tourist-friendly destination.

Such initiatives are crucial in making tourists feel valued and ensuring that their experience in Sikkim is hassle-free and enjoyable. The efforts by Sikkim’s government are commendable, reflecting a genuine dedication to improving tourism practices in the region.