Biplab Kumar Deb, Ex-Tripura CM, Sworn in as 18th Lok Sabha Member

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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Biplab Kumar Deb, Ex-Tripura CM, Sworn in as 18th Lok Sabha Member
Biplab Kumar Deb Takes Oath as 18th Lok Sabha Member.
TRIPURA, 25 June 2024: In a significant political event, Biplab Kumar Deb, former Chief Minister of Tripura and BJP Member of Parliament, has officially taken his oath as a member of the 18th Lok Sabha. This marks a new chapter in his political career.

Biplab Kumar Deb's journey in politics has been notable. As the Chief Minister of Tripura, he was instrumental in bringing several developmental projects to the state. His leadership was marked by efforts to improve infrastructure, healthcare, and education.

After serving as the Chief Minister, Deb transitioned to a broader role at the national level. His election to the Lok Sabha reflects his growing influence and the trust placed in him by his constituents and the party. 

Taking the oath as a member of the Lok Sabha is a crucial step. It signifies his readiness to contribute to national policy-making and to represent the interests of his constituents on a larger platform. His experience in state governance is expected to provide valuable insights in his new role.

The oath-taking ceremony was attended by several key leaders and party members, reflecting the importance of the occasion. Biplab Kumar Deb expressed his gratitude to the people of Tripura and the BJP leadership for their support and promised to work diligently in his new position.

As a Lok Sabha member, Deb's focus will likely be on advocating for policies that benefit both his home state of Tripura and the country as a whole. His previous experience as Chief Minister will be beneficial in addressing various issues at the national level.

This new role for Biplab Kumar Deb is seen as a positive move for the BJP, as it strengthens their representation in the Lok Sabha and adds a leader with a proven track record of governance to their ranks. The coming years will reveal the impact of his contributions in the national political arena.