"This is Assam, Not Manipur": Police Issue No-Nonsense Warning to Refugees

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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
"This is Assam, Not Manipur": Police Issue No-Nonsense Warning to Refugees
Heightened Security Measures Implemented to Prevent Violence Spillover
The Assam Police have initiated a comprehensive door-to-door survey in Cachar district to identify individuals from Manipur’s Jiribam who have sought refuge there. On June 24, senior police and administrative officials cautioned these refugees against engaging in any form of violence.

Vigilance and Warning from Assam Police

“This is Assam, not Manipur. Here we have a history of tackling militancy, and we won’t spare anyone if found involved in illegal activities,” said Inspector General (Law and Order) Prasanta Kumar Bhuiyan during interactions with Lakhipur residents.

Increased Influx from Jiribam

The recent violence in Jiribam has led approximately 2,000 people to seek refuge in Cachar, prompting the Assam Police to enhance security measures and vigilance.

Senior Officials Inspect Border Areas

During a visit to the region, IGP Bhuiyan, accompanied by Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Konkanjyoti Saikia, Cachar Superintendent of Police Nomal Mahatta, and other senior officials, inspected the border areas, particularly Jirighat, to ensure that the unrest does not affect Assam. Commando Battalions have been deployed to patrol both land and waterways, aiming to maintain peace and prevent any disturbances in Cachar.

Commitment to Peace and Stability

"The Assam Police is committed to ensuring that the clashes in Jiribam do not affect the border areas of Cachar," stated IGP Bhuiyan. He emphasized the active measures being taken, including continuous patrolling and the establishment of robust security arrangements.

Survey to Identify Displaced Individuals

The IGP also announced a survey of displaced individuals from Manipur who have taken shelter in Cachar. The goal is to identify and address any "unwanted" elements, ensuring that only those genuinely affected by the violence remain. "We will conduct thorough surveys of the people who have come to Cachar due to the clashes and take necessary actions based on the findings," Bhuyan said.

Proactive Measures to Ensure Safety

With an evening curfew still in force in Jiribam to control the clashes, the Assam Police’s proactive approach aims to safeguard the border regions of Assam from any potential fallout. The deployment of additional forces and ongoing monitoring efforts are part of the strategy to maintain stability and ensure the safety of all residents in the border areas of Cachar.