Mizoram Refuses to Turn Away Bangladeshi Refugees, CM Asks PM Modi for Assistance

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Sunday, July 07, 2024
Mizoram Refuses to Turn Away Bangladeshi Refugees, CM Asks PM Modi for Assistance
In meeting with PM Modi, Mizoram CM emphasizes humanitarian commitment to shelter Bangladeshi refugees

New Delhi– In a significant appeal to the Central Government, Mizoram Chief Minister Lalduhoma has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to understand the state's position on providing shelter to Zo refugees fleeing from Bangladesh. Lalduhoma emphasized that his government would not be able to push back or deport these refugees, according to an official statement from the State Home Department.

During a brief meeting with PM Modi in New Delhi on July 6, Chief Minister Lalduhoma highlighted the humanitarian crisis faced by nearly 2,000 Zo ethnic people from Bangladesh’s Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) who have sought refuge in Mizoram since 2022. He underscored the ethnic ties shared between the Mizos and the refugees, particularly those from the Bawm tribe, one of the ethnic Mizo tribes from Bangladesh.

Lalduhoma informed the Prime Minister that these refugees started arriving in Mizoram in November 2022, following a military offensive by the Bangladeshi Army against the Kuki-Chin National Army (KNA), an insurgent group. He noted that many refugees have already entered Mizoram, and more are attempting to seek shelter in the state.

"The people of Mizoram have always had strong ethnic and cultural ties with the Zo ethnic communities in Bangladesh. Forcing them back would not only be inhumane but also go against our longstanding tradition of hospitality and solidarity with our kin," Lalduhoma stated.

The Chief Minister's plea comes amidst growing concerns over the safety and welfare of the refugees who have fled violence and persecution in their homeland. Mizoram has been providing shelter, food, and medical aid to these refugees, despite limited resources and infrastructural challenges.

Lalduhoma's appeal to the Prime Minister aims to garner support and resources from the Central Government to better manage the influx of refugees and ensure their safety and well-being. He also stressed the need for a collaborative approach to address the root causes of the refugee crisis and to provide long-term solutions for those affected.

The situation has drawn attention to the broader issues of refugee protection and ethnic solidarity within the region. Mizoram's stance reflects a commitment to humanitarian principles and ethnic unity, even as it faces significant logistical and financial challenges in supporting the refugee population.

In response, the Central Government is expected to consider measures to assist Mizoram in handling the refugee situation, balancing humanitarian concerns with national security and resource management.