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Indian Army Releases Video of Women Interfering with Operations and help rioters to flee in Manipur

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Tuesday, June 27, 2023
Indian Army Releases Video of Women Interfering with Operations and help rioters to flee in Manipur
Indian Army Urges Support to Restore Peace Amidst Interference by Women in Manipur

Recent developments have shed light on the alleged involvement of women in Manipur in aiding rioters and obstructing the operations of security forces. Contrary to the initial perception of a peaceful blockade led by women, reports indicate their active participation in helping rioters flee from the scenes of violence. These new revelations have raised concerns about the true nature of their actions during the unrest.

On June 13th, armed rioters carried out firing incidents in Urangpat and Yaingangpokpi. Witnesses observed women accompanying the rioters, and even ambulances were reportedly used to transport the fleeing individuals. The incident further exposed the involvement of women in supporting the perpetrators of violence.

In the midst of the chaos, it has come to light that women actively obstructed the movement of security forces, even before the outbreak of arson in Khamanlok. Their interference during both day and night operations has hindered the army's efforts in maintaining law and order. Disturbingly, reports suggest that entry and exit routes to the Assam Rifles Base were deliberately dug up by these women, causing significant delays and disruptions.

The blockade orchestrated by these women not only violates the law but also undermines the tireless efforts of the security forces to restore peace and stability in Manipur. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the Indian Army appeals to all sections of society to cooperate with the security forces who are working diligently day and night to bring about a sense of security in the region.

The recent revelations of women's alleged involvement in assisting rioters have shattered the perception of a peaceful blockade, prompting a deeper examination of their actions. While it is important to acknowledge and address the concerns and grievances of all sections of society, it is equally crucial to distinguish between legitimate protests and actions that aid and abet criminal activities.

The Indian Army urges the people of Manipur to reconsider their support for activities that hinder the restoration of peace. By collaborating with the security forces and providing information that can help bring the perpetrators of violence to justice, the residents of Manipur can play a vital role in creating a safer and more stable environment for all.

The situation in Manipur serves as a reminder that maintaining law and order requires a collective effort from all members of society. The Indian Army stands firm in its commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting the well-being of the community. It is imperative that the true intentions and actions of those involved in the recent disturbances be thoroughly investigated, and appropriate actions be taken to ensure justice prevails.

In conclusion, the alleged involvement of women in aiding rioters and obstructing security forces in Manipur has brought to the forefront a new perspective on the nature of the blockade. While further investigations are necessary to ascertain the full extent of their involvement, it is vital for the community to cooperate with the security forces in their endeavor to restore peace and stability. Only through collective efforts can Manipur overcome these challenges and pave the way for a brighter and more secure future.