NEWS LIVE Assam Reports Post-Rahul Gandhi's Yatra: BJP+ Strengthens, INC+ Sees Dip

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Friday, February 02, 2024
NEWS LIVE Assam Reports Post-Rahul Gandhi's Yatra: BJP+ Strengthens, INC+ Sees Dip
BJP+ Alliance Surges with 2 Additional Seats, Reflecting Growing Influence

Guwahati, 2 Feb, 24: In a pivotal update from NEWS LIVE Assam, the aftermath of Rahul Gandhi's influential Yatra in the state has prompted a fresh opinion poll, providing insights into the evolving political landscape.

BJP+ Fortifies Position:

According to the latest poll results, the BJP+ alliance is poised to secure 11 seats, indicating a notable surge of 2 seats compared to the 2019 numbers. This underscores the alliance's growing stronghold in Assam, capturing the sentiments post Rahul Gandhi's recent engagements.

INC+ Faces Minor Setback:

Contrastingly, the INC+ alliance experiences a marginal decline, projecting a decrease of 1 seat, bringing their expected count to 2. This subtle shift in public opinion suggests a nuanced response to Rahul Gandhi's recent activities in the state.

AIDUF Maintains Ground:

AIDUF maintains a stable position, with no change in the projected seat count, standing firm at 1 seat.

Anticipation for BJP+ Surge:

The anticipation surrounding BJP+ gaining two additional seats compared to the 2019 elections highlights the party's strategic positioning and the resonance of Rahul Gandhi's Yatra with the public.

Evolving Political Landscape:

These poll results from NEWS LIVE Assam depict a dynamic transformation in the political terrain, with parties recalibrating their strategies in response to unfolding events and public sentiments.

As political fervor intensifies in Assam, these numbers provide a glimpse into the unfolding narrative. The channel remains committed to delivering comprehensive coverage and in-depth analysis as the political scenario in Assam continues to evolve. Stay tuned for the latest updates and insights.