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China Reiterates Claim Over Arunachal Pradesh Following Modi's Visit

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Tuesday, March 19, 2024
China Reiterates Claim Over Arunachal Pradesh Following Modi's Visit
Chinese Military Objects to India's Actions in Disputed Region
19, March, 24: In response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent visit to Arunachal Pradesh, the Chinese military has reiterated its claim over the region, calling it a part of China's territory. The Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman, Senior Colonel Zhang Xiaogang, stated that the southern part of Xizang (Tibet) belongs to China and opposed the existence of "so-called Arunachal Pradesh" established by India.

Zhang's comments came after India inaugurated the Sela Tunnel in Arunachal Pradesh, enhancing military readiness in the region. China, which claims Arunachal Pradesh as South Tibet, routinely protests Indian leaders' visits to the area and has renamed it Zangnan.

Despite China's objections, India asserts Arunachal Pradesh as an integral part of the country and rejects China's territorial claims. Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the Sela Tunnel, expected to improve connectivity to Tawang and facilitate troop movement along the border.

Indian military officials emphasize that the tunnel will enhance troop and weaponry movement along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China. However, Zhang criticized India's actions, stating they contradict efforts to ease border tensions and maintain peace.

Zhang urged India to refrain from actions complicating the border issue and to maintain peace in the region. This reaction follows China's diplomatic protest over Modi's visit to Arunachal Pradesh, which India strongly rejected, reaffirming the state's integral status within India.

India's External Affairs Ministry reiterated that Arunachal Pradesh is and will always be an integral part of India, dismissing China's objections to Indian leaders' visits to the state. Despite China's protests, India remains committed to asserting its sovereignty over Arunachal Pradesh and ensuring its development.