Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi Advocates for Nationwide Caste Census and Removal of Reservation Cap

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Sunday, March 17, 2024
Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi Advocates for Nationwide Caste Census and Removal of Reservation Cap
Gogoi Highlights Importance of Caste Census for Assam's Diverse Communities
17, March, 2024: In Charaideo, Assam, Congress Member of Parliament Gaurav Gogoi has emphasized the importance of conducting a nationwide caste census, stating that it holds significant relevance for Assam and the broader Indian society. Speaking on the matter, Gogoi highlighted the diverse ethnicities, communities, and Adivasi society present in Assam, all of whom seek enumeration based on their castes to assess the extent of necessary social and developmental efforts.

Gogoi underscored the Congress party's commitment to addressing issues of social justice, particularly concerning reservation policies. He expressed the party's intention to introduce legislation aimed at abolishing the existing 50% cap on reservations. According to Gogoi, removing this cap is essential to ensuring equitable opportunities and fostering inclusive growth across Indian society.

Highlighting the Congress party's stance on social justice as a key agenda, Gogoi reiterated the party's dedication to championing the cause through the INDIA Alliance—a coalition focused on fostering inclusive governance and development.

The remarks made by Gaurav Gogoi come amidst ongoing discussions surrounding caste-based enumeration and reservation policies in India. Advocates argue that a nationwide caste census would provide valuable insights into social and economic disparities, enabling policymakers to formulate targeted interventions for marginalized communities.

As the debate on these crucial issues continues, Gaurav Gogoi's advocacy for a comprehensive caste census and the removal of reservation caps underscores the Congress party's commitment to advancing social equity and inclusivity in Indian society.

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